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wedding faq


How do we book?

If you are interested in booking a wedding with Cloud Craft Studios, please reach out to with the date and location of your wedding. someone will respond to you on the same day with information about deposit, contracts and any additional questions you may have.


Is there a deposit?

Yes, Cloud Craft Requires a $500 deposit for weddings to secure the date. The remaining balance is due upon receipt and approval of the final videos.


Do you charge for additional hours?

At Cloud Craft studios we don’t believe in charging extra money for extra hours. We understand things happen and weddings run behind schedule. We will stick around until the final send-off regardless of unforeseen, day-of scheduling issues.


Do you offer photography?

Cloud Crafts has partnered with to offer stunning and unforgettable photo and video packages. Contact us for information about bundle discounts.


Will you film outside of Austin?

Yes! Cloud Craft is “DTF”. We’ll never turn down a chance to fly!


Do you use a drone?

We do use drones for a portion of the shots - Weather permitting and assuming the venue is more than three miles from a large airport. Fortunately, Most of Central Texas is safe to fly in. 


How long do you take to edit?

We like to work efficiently and we understand waiting for your wedding film is like waiting for Christmas. the anticipation can be intense! We shoot for a three week turn around for all videos. 


will I be involved in the editing?

we’ve never had a couple directly involved in the editing process. We generally allow for one round of edits, but most of the time our clients are all smiles after the first edit. On request, we would be happy to invite you to the studio for a four hour editing session once we’ve done all the boring messy parts of the edit. 


How many cameras/operators will be filming?  I am looking for about eight hours of coverage and video of everyone getting ready.

Most of our weddings are filmed with two camera operators (dave and Trey) but for some larger scale venues and weddings we will bring a third camera person. 

Each of our packages includes an edited version of the ceremony. We set up three cameras and audio equipment. We’ll edit the footage together switching between the appropriate camera angle and audio source. 


Is the film watermarked?

We do not watermark the footage, but we do include a 'Cloud Craft Studios' title at the beginning and end of the films along with the name of the couple, the date of the wedding and the location. I also like to include the names of the videographers as an ending credit. 


Are you running any promotions/discounts? 

We consider ourselves a premium brand. generally we don’t run any specific promotions, but we are always willing to negotiate price. we want to film great weddings, regardless of the budget. 

Cloud Craft studios has partnered with to offer beautiful photos. We offer bundle discounts. please Reach out to us for more information.


Do you use additional lighting during the reception and will it be un-intrusive?

Our cameras (Sony A7sii and A7siii) are incredibly capable in low light so it’s uncommon for us to use additional lights during the reception. Realistically people act and dance differently when they know a camera is on them. we want to be a fly on the wall. In some rare cases we will briefly mount a light on our Ronin to grab some well lit footage. we only like to do this once the crowd has settled in and gotten more comfortable. we do, however, like to add an additional light during the toasts, which can add an interesting, dynamic effect to the speeches. 


Does the final video use dialogue of the wedding. I don't want it to be like an entire music video.

we LOVE wedding videos that include dialogue. Letter readings and personal vows are helpful. If a couple chooses to not write a letter or write their own vows, we have to go the music video route. but as long as we have the opportunity to catch good audio we will use it. 


Are you delivering in HD or 4K?

We film everything in 4K and can deliver in either 1080 or 4K depending on your needs and preference. we always remind clients that 4K video files are much larger and aren’t always supported by certain platforms and internet connections. Instagram for example hosts its videos in 720p. 







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