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About Us

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Sarah and I met in Columbia while I was photographing an event, initially connecting over our passion for photo, video, and creating small masterpieces that make significant impacts. 

Now we’re behind the camera, leading a team of videographers at Cloud Craft Studios while also planning our own August 2019 wedding. We strive to capture each detail of others' big day – just as we hope to have our own captured in August. 

So we get it. We really do.

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I’m Dave Kemper, a videographer and photographer, passionate about creating magic from simple moments. Born and raised in Columbia, Missouri, I now live and work in Austin, Texas.

I’ve always been drawn to visual imagery, taking photos as a kid, falling in love with videography and graphic design in high school, and working at Apple for several years where I was immersed in state-of-the-art technology. With the help of my co-founder, Maria, we were able to take all of this experience and start the journey of a lifetime.

I’m also in love with my fiancé and best friend, Sarah Dumas. She grew up in Central Missouri too, the daughter of two pastors, with a degree in strategic communications and experience managing social media for a non-profit.

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It’s such a thrilling experience, to fall in love, get engaged, and plan a wedding together. It’s also a lot of work and chaos, with a million decisions to make along the way. We know how decision fatigue creeps in quickly when you’re selecting a venue and florist and caterer and the seating chart. Oh, the seating chart.

So let us make this decision easy for you: We would be honored to capture your day and make your moment last a lifetime.

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